Jennifer Marie Frieze grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania.  She has nearly 30 years of experience with horses.  Jennifer works with horses using a spiritual and philosophical approach; regarding horses as partners and spiritual teachers.  She has traveled the United States extensively,  attended the University of New Mexico and graduated with a BA in medical sociology from Temple University.  In addition, Jennifer attended the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico and completed a course in Ayurvedic studies.  She has been studying yoga and yogic philosophy for many years and incorporates it into her daily life.  Jennifer's compassionate nature led her to work in healthcare for many years as an EMT and nurse technician.  Additionally, she has been employed on many farms and ranches, including a Hippotherapy center in New Mexico, in which she worked as a horse handler/trainer and occupational therapy assistant.  She has also assisted many horses in recovery from physical and emotional traumas.

Jennifer received her yoga teacher training from the Yoga Loft in Bethlehem and her equine sports massage therapy certification from Delaware Valley College.  Jennifer incorporates a variety of bodywork techniques when working with horses.  Massage therapy is tailored to the needs of individual horses and essential oils are utilized during massage to promote relaxation and healing. She bases her practice on Ayurvedic principles, Shiatsu techniques, and uses Reiki as a complimentary treatment.

Jennifer resides in Eastern Pennsylvania with her two Pit Bulls Pinky and Lucky.  She has two darling Quarter horse mares named Dakota and Honey.  Jennifer enjoys farming, reading, cooking, hiking, and traveling.