Description of Services

Yoga Classes- Group, private and semi-private

Mat classes are typically 1 hour and 15 minutes and incorporate the fundamental structure of a well rounded sequence. This includes  warm-up, prep poses, peak pose and cool down. Mat classes are suitable for any equestrian discipline and riding level. Breath and movement are combined with a focus on proper alignment of the muscular-skeletal system. Care and patience are always used in yoga to avoid injury. Strength, stamina and flexibility are developed over time. In a class for equestrians, the poses and body cues are linked to actions used in riding. This gives the student a different way in which to develop body awareness and an understanding of how to use their body more effectively and conscientiously when riding.


A workshop is typically 3 hours long. It includes a mat class, breathwork, snack break, lecture and time for Q&A. A lecture links poses that are practiced on the mat with riding. In addition, rider and horse anatomy is discussed and the ways in which they work together, or hinder each other. Yogic philosophy is an important aspect to cultivating an authentic practice.  A workshop includes a brief introduction to yogic philosophy and the belief that horses function as spiritual guides and teachers.

Workshops discussing equine anatomy, rehabilitation, equine massage, and ayurveda are also available. 

Equine Massage Therapy and Rehab

Massage therapy can be used to facilitate the healing of emotional and physical traumas. It decreases pain, increases circulation and promotes relaxation of our equine companions. It can also enhance performance ability.  A therapy session is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.  This depends on the sensitivity and needs of the individual horse. The session also includes a 10 minute hand-walk and basic stretch routine. Therapy sessions are created on the needs of  individual horses and include use of essential oils, Reiki, Shiatsu and are based on Ayurvedic principles. Various forms of In-hand work are used to condition the mind and body of our equine partners.