Yogic Horsemanship

Yogic horsemanship is a way to connect with horses. It combines the principles of yoga with the concepts of classical horsemanship. Yoga is a philosophy. A path to avail oneself to the divinity within and remember our truth. It embraces the spirit, mind and body. As we develop self-awareness, we become more calm and centered. These qualities are appreciated by horses. When we are living in the moment and attentive to our breath, we can easily learn to communicate with horses. Yogic philosophies provide the foundation for self-discovery and spiritual liberation. Yoga asana teaches us to become intuitive, effective and considerate riders. 

Yoga asana, or exercises, increase stamina, strength and flexibility with practice. Asana teaches body awareness and attentiveness to our breath. It promotes harnessing the intense powers and wild thoughts of the mind.  Yoga asana impacts the physical and spiritual bodies in multiple ways. For equestrians, the actions practiced during asana, relate directly to the actions of correct riding. In relation to the horse, yoga asana is equivalent to in-hand work that is done at liberty, or with the proper use of equipment to promote self-carriage and symmetrical movement. In-hand work from a yogic perspective fortifies the bond between human and horse. Positive and joyful interactions are experienced when classical exercises are  incorporate a yogic approach. 

   Yogic horsemanship encourages equestrians to become horseman and embrace the art, science and spirituality of the horse. Yoga, in all forms, provides the foundation to become grounded, mindful and confident horseman. The principles that are outlined in yogic philosophy teach fundamental life principles that transform the life of the practitioner. The unfolding of the self, promotes a genuine relationship with your equine companions. Yogic philosophy and classical horsemanship are both ancient systems of knowledge. They are complimentary and reflective of each other. It seems to be a natural progression, in the evolution of human consciousness, that these philosophies would merge as a guide to solidify the human-equine bond. Horses are gifted teachers. They live in the moment and don't possess attachment to worldly wiles. Horses are authentic, genuine and clairvoyant. They assist us on our soul journey of spiritual liberation and enlightenment. Yogic horsemanship acknowledges and embraces the powers of the horse.